topPower Converter Characteristics

MNP33 Magnet
MNP33 (New coil)
NR31-07 + ND31-01 ALGE
Power In 3 ~ 400V/1775A x2
Power Out 2500A/640V
Converter Type Thyristors 12P
Control type Front end VME
MNP33 (Old coil)
NR22-56 + NR22-57 + ND21-60 ALGE
Power In 3 ~ 400V/750A x3
Power Out 1500A/700V
Converter Type Thyristors 12P
Control type Front end VME

topOperation Responsibles

1st Intervention Piquet Area icon Piquet SY-EPC Experimental Areas(163668)
Responsibles: Yves GAILLARD

topPower Converter Architecture

MNP33 magnet is located on K12 beam line in ECN3 underground zone.

This magnet is composed of 2 coils:

  • NR31-07 associated with ND31-01 supplies the new coil.

  • NR22/56, NR22/57 and ND21-60 mounted in serie supplies the old coil.

MNP33 architecture

MNP33 power converter architecture

topPower Part

MNP33 magnet is supplied by standard R31, D31, R22 and D21 power converters.

topControl & Regulation Part

CESAR Software (CESAR GUI will not work with Java higher than 1.6.0_18) is used to control MNP33 power converters.

A special CESAR GUI called "MNP33 control" allows a SET CURRENT on both NR22-56 and NR31-07. The program takes care of sending the required value on the NR22-056 and send double the value requested on the NR31-07.


MNP33 CESAR Graphical User Interface

The regulation part is standard.

topMagnet Protection

The red buttons on each coil and the equipment stops ("potelets" installed around the magnet) are wired in series to trip the two converters in case of action on one of them.

topMagnet connection

NR22-56 DC Cabling

NR22-56 and NR22-57 DC cabling

NR31-07 DC Cabling

NR31-07 DC cabling

topMagnet Types

  • New coil (NR31-07) + DC cables: R= 0.19 ohm

  • Old coil (NR22-56) + DC cables: R= 0.484 ohm

topMachine Installation

    MNP33 power converters are installed in North area:

  • 891 (BA82): 3

topProduction Contract & Contract History

  • Manufacturer NR31-07 + ND31-01: SIEMENS
  • Manufacturer NR22-56 + NR22-57 + ND21-60: BBC
  • Production year: 1976