topPower Converter Characteristics

SM1 Magnet
NR31-03 + ND31-04 SIEMENS
Power In 3 ~ 400V/1775A x2
Power Out 2500A/640V
Converter Type Thyristors 12P
Control type Front end VME

topOperation Responsibles

1st Intervention Piquet Area icon Piquet SY-EPC Experimental Areas(163668)
Responsibles: Yves GAILLARD

topPower Converter Architecture

SM1 magnet is located on M2 beam line inside PPE221 zone.

SM1 architecture

SM1 power converter architecture

topPower Part

SM1 magnet is supplied by the NR31-03 power converter mounted in serie with the diode module ND31-04.


The diode ND31-04 is not installed nearby the NR31-03 and some changes were implementded in the power circuit of the NR31-03

topControl & Regulation Part

The bending magnets B4 and B5 of M2 beam line needs to be interlocked with SM1 and SM2 spectrometers.

To manage this functionality, the power converters of B4, B5, SM1 and SM2 are interconnected.

For SM1, an electronic card called "Interlock B4/B5 M2" has been added in the supply crate of the NR31-03.

The regulation part is standard.

A current rate limiter card is installed in the converter crate.

topMagnet Protection

Magnet protection is standard.

topMagnet connection

Magnet connection is standard.

topMagnet Types

  • SM1 coil + DC Cables: R= 0.215 ohm

topMachine Installation

    SM1 power converter is installed in North area:

  • 891 (BA82): 1

topProduction Contract & Contract History

  • Manufacturer: ALGE
  • Production year: 1976