topPower Converter Characteristics


Power In 3 ~ 400V/300V 50KVA
Power Out 700A (350A RMS)/550V
Converter Type Capacitive Storage
Control type RegFGC3

topOperation Responsibles

1st Intervention Piquet Injector icon Piquet SY-EPC Injector(160391)
Responsibles: Fulvio BOATTINI

topPower Converter Architecture

The Quadrupole Trim power converters (PANDORA) are required to match the tune of the machine, and compensate for the additional MPS current due to saturation in the bending magnets.

The Quadrupole focussing (QFO) trim power converter is connected across the 128 QFO magnets (rings 1,2,3,4) and is therefore directly connected to the electrical circuit of Main Power Supply (MPS) POPS-B 1&4.The POPSB.QFO power converter removes current from the quadrupole magnets

The Quadrupole defocussing (QDE) trim power converter will be connected across the 64 QDE magnets (rings 1,2,3,4) and is therefore directly connected to the electrical circuit of Main Power Supply (MPS) POPS-B 2&3.The POPSB.QDE power converter adds current to the quadrupoles magnets.

In total there are three POPSB.QUAD power converters:

  • POPSB.QUAD.A: powers all 1&4 apertures of QFO magnets;
  • POPSB.QUAD.B : powers all 2&3 apertures of QDE magnets;
  • POPSB.QUAD.C: can be used to replace either POPSB.QUAD.A or POPSB.QUAD.B.
  • The three POPSB.QUAD power converters are identical.

    POPSB converter architecture

    POPSB converter architecture

    The current that it to be supplied by the QUAD power converters is a function of both the current provided by the main power converter, the magnetic properties of the magnet to be compensated and the desired tune of the machine. Thus, the QUAD power converters shall be synchronised with the main power converter. The magnet current demand for a generic POPS-B cycle is illustrated in Figure below, with the stages of accelerator operation labelled at the top of the waveform.

    MPS QUAD cycles

    Generic POPS-B MPC and QUAD current demand

    topPower Part

    Power In 3 ~ 400V/300V 50KVA
    Power Out 700A peak,350A rms/550V
    Cooling type Air forced

    The PANDORA converter design in based on the SATURN converter (developed by SY-EPC-MPC section) with the following modifications:

  • All electrical components floating with respect to ground, including control and instrumentation
  • Uprated internal converter energy storage - capacitor bank used in SIRIUS converter (SY-EPC-MPC);
  • Removal of the brake chopper and crowbar
  • Replacement of the 3-phase AC passive rectifier with an Active Front End, capable of rectification or inversion/re-generation
  • Separate transformer cabinet is not required for adaptation/isolation of AC input
  • POPSB Quads power converter schematic diagram

    POPSB Quads power converter schematic diagram

    topControl & Regulation Part

    POPSB power converter schematic block diagram

    POPSB power converter schematic block diagram

    The supervision application has been developed at CERN using the technologie WinCC-OA-UNICOS.Many views were developed for the operation and diagnostic: detail view on the AC/DC, DC/DC, capacitors banks, interlocks, etc.

    POPSB HMI view

    POPSB HMI view

    topMagnet Protection

    The booster magnets are protected by a WIC (Warm Interlock Controller) system installed in the BT, BTP, BTM transfer lines. The WIC is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based system. It protects the normal conducting magnets from overheating by switching off the power converter when a fault occurs.

    PSB WIC supervision

    PSB WIC supervision

    topMagnet connection

    • Main Magnets / Power Converters connections: The PSB main magnets can be supplied by POPSB or BR_MPS system. The power switch RSOPS.271.RMPS.1 located in the 271 building allows to select the desired power conveter.
    • Magnets are split into 2 equivalent series and 2 separated power converters are used to power each half string of magnets:
      • Rings 1&4 + QFO
      • Rings 2&3 + QDE
      Only 2 trim converters required for quadrupoles.

    Circuit connection

    POPSB Circuit connection

    topMagnet Types

    • Quadrupole magnets: As per the BHZ magnets the QFO and QDE quadrupole magnets feature four vertically stacked apertures.

    Quadrupole magnet.

    QDE Quadrupole magnet.

    QFO magnet parameters.

    QFO magnet parameters.

    QDE magnet parameters.

    QDE magnet parameters.

    topMachine Installation

    The POPSB equipements are installed inside the building 245:

    POPSB 245 Layout

    POPSB 245 Layout

    topProduction Contract & Contract History

    • Manufacturer: CERN
    • Production year: 2020
    • First cycle in PSB Magnets: Mai 2020
    • First beam in PS with POPSB: 2020

    topConverter circuit names