topPower Converter Characteristics

RLHC AF cubicle
Power In 3 ~ 400V/10A
Power Out +/-450V / +/-10A
Converter Type Switch mode 4Q
Voltage Loop Bandwidth 10KHz

topOperation Responsibles

1st Intervention Piquet Area icon Piquet SY-EPC LHC(161919)
Responsibles: Xavier GENILLON

topPower Converter Architecture

The active filter is used to reduce the output voltage ripple of the LHC thyristor-power converters and to increase its voltage bandwidth.

An injection transformer is placed in series with the output capacitor bank.

The active filter has the characteristics of a voltage generator that injected through an isolation transformer a voltage Uc which is the opposite of the output voltage , in order to reduce the output ripple. It must be capable of withstanding the current caused by bridge rectifier or unusual transitional regimes.

Without active filter:

  • Output residual voltage = 1% of U out max
  • Bandwidth in voltage is in the range of 40 Hz
  • Network disturbances are weakly rejected.

With active filter:

  • Output residual voltage = 1 of U out max
  • Bandwidth in voltage is in the range of 10 KHz
  • Network disturbances are rejected.

LHC AF General Control architecture

LHC AF power converter architecture

topPower Part

Power In 3 ~ 400V/10A
Power Out +/-10A / 450V
Cooling type Fans
Converter Weight 40kg
Converter Size width: 5000mm 
depth: 5000mm
height: 2700mm

LHC AF power part

Power Part simplified Architecture / Topology .pdf

topControl & Regulation Part

Regulation principle LHC AF

Regulation Control simplified schematic

topMachine Installation

Number of LHC Active Filters installed in LHC:

topProduction Contract & Contract History

  • Manufacturer: CERN
  • Production year: 2006