SVC What does this mean?

  • Static (not rotating, not moving, fixed installation)
  • Var (Volt-Ampere-reactive, reactive power)
  • Compensator (to compensate the reactive power)
Functions of an SVC:
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Reactive power compensation

    SPS Mains Reactive power compensation

  • Harmonic filtering
  • Harmonic filtering

    SPS Mains Harmonic filtering

  • Voltage stabilisation
  • Voltage stabilisation

    SPS Mains Voltage stabilisation

SVC Units

LHC Compensator RP.SEQx.SVC 04 Units
LHC Stable filter RP.SEx.StableFilterLHC 02 Units
SPS Compensator BEQ RP.BEQx.SVC 03 Units
SPS Compensator BB3 RP.BB3.SVC 01 Units
SPS Stable filter RP.BEF4.SVC 01 Units
Meyrin Compensator RP.MEQ9.TCR.Booster 01 Units
Meyrin Stable Filter RP.MEF9.Meyrin.Filter 01 Units