• Operation, maintenance and supervision of Booster Main Power Converters, PS Main Power Converters, SPS Main Power Converters, LHC Main Power converters and SPS North Area Power Converters. The mandate also comprises the operation and maintenance of CERN's Static Var Compensators and harmonic filters.


  • High Power Converters up to 150 MW.
  • Power converters based on thyristor and switch-mode topologies.
  • 18 kV Static Var Compensators up to 150 Mvar for reactive power compensation.


  • Operation and Maintenance:
    • Our main objective is highest availability for physics operation.
    • Strong focus on improving MTBF and MTTR of our power converters and SVC’s.
    • Active participation in the EPC stand-by services.

  • EPC Project Contributions & EPC representatives
    • EPC Coordinator for the PS machine.
    • EATM Coordinator for the North Area.
    • Safety Coordinator (TSO’s) for several buildings.

  • General support to EPC group:
    • Provide specific technical support, in particular in the field of digital regulation and electronics development.